Good Governance is a Professional Standard, Which Builds Trust and Cybersecurity in the Entire Digital Ecosystem

17 December 2017 - A Other on Geneve,Switzerland


Title: Good Governance is a Professional Standard, which builds Trust and Cybersecurity in the entire digital ecosystem.

Organisers: IFIP IP3 chair Moira de Roche Session

Duration: 120 minutes

Format: Platform for speakers and panel, delegates seated in rows.

Overview: Digital technologies provide immense opportunities for economic prosperity, equity, and educational growth. However, they also challenge the status quo, and could be used as agents for economic and global disruption and as potential threats to our critical infrastructure. It is imperative that: individuals as users and consumers; organisations, corporations and educational institutions; and governments, do everything they can to mitigate risk, promote trust in digital technologies and services to support the broader distribution and access of the internet.

We will also examine some of the emerging ethical dimensions posed by converging digital technologies. We will explore these challenges, and how we can work together to engender trust in the entire digital ecosystem. The professionalisation of Cyber-Security and the associated framework will be launched.

The speakers and the audience will consider how to develop strategies to be safe now and into the future.