WePROTECT: Combating online child sexual abuse with the MSM

06 December 2016 - A Workshop on Guadalajara,Mexico


Inclusive and sustainable growth means children and young people should be able to grow and flourish through the opportunities the internet makes available, free from violence and coercion. Unfortunately, it has never been easier for perpetrators to make contact with children, or to share images of abuse and inspire each other to commit further crimes. 

WePROTECT offers a critical multistakeholder intervention to prevent such crimes, in support of the IGF 2016 theme and the Sustainable Development Goals (16.2). The mission is to instill in everyone a responsibility to help protect children online so that, collectively, we help identify and protect victims; remove child sexual abuse material from the internet and strengthen cooperation to track down perpetrators around the world.

In any such program, systematic capacity-building is also critical to inclusive and sustainable growth. Whether you are a member of law enforcement, a new industry player, part of a child protection NGO, come and learn how you and your organization can join the WePROTECT Global Alliance and help make a difference on a global stage on this important issue.

The IGF is a unique opportunity to reach potential partners from governments, law enforcement, and civil society. Being in Mexico allows us to reach potential Latin American, Caribbean and South American Partners. 

Draft Agenda
1) Opening remarks from Moderator – 5 minutes
2) Overview of WePROTECT – 10 minutes
3) Reactions from existing supporters – 15 minutes
4) Discussion with audience participants 45 minutes
5) Wrap up and next steps – 15 minutes

Speakers provisionally confirmed:

Allen, Ernie
Bautista, Colonel Freddy
Beauchere, Jacqueline 
Nejm, Rodrigo