The Network of Networked Things: Finding the Internet in IoT

06 December 2016 - A Workshop on Guadalajara,Mexico


The Internet of Things (IoT) covers a broad spectrum of technological innovations, concepts and applications, but essentially refers to the next phase in the process of networking the devices that we rely on. The IoT builds on the success of earlier development (the Internet as we know it), but brings with it new challenges and potential changes. 

This discussion will bring together participants from both the established IG technical and standardisation spaces (the IETF, the RIRs) and those in working in the evolving IoT space to consider the following questions: 

- What are the needs of IoT vendors and operators in Internet governance and administration? 
- Can the existing structures of Internet governance, both technical and administrative, adapt to meet the needs of the IoT?
- To what extent are openness and transparency important as Internet governance evolves to accommodate IoT?
- Recognising that not all IoT applications rely on common open Internet standards, what are the benefits of an open model over the choice for proprietary technology, also in terms of security, interoperability and continuity of service?
- What are the implications of widespread deployment of IoT for “the Internet as we know it”?

Speakers provisionally confirmed:

Cath, Corinne
Hogewoning, Marco
Lazanski, Dominique
Ogorkiewics, Anya
Wilson, Paul