Stanford University - Prototyping a Deliberative Tooklit for Multistakeholder Governance

05 December 2016 - A Pre-event on Guadalajara,Mexico


Stanford’s Center for Deliberative Democracy (CDD) and the Center for Democracy, Development and Rule of Law (CDDRL) are hosting a day 0 workshop to discuss bringing deliberation and deliberative democracy to multistakeholder Internet governance. The workshop at the IGF venue is from 2p to 5p on Dec 5, day 0.  

To ground the workshop in one of the current Internet Governance debates, participants will engage in moderated small group deliberations on the topic of governing digital encryption. Participants will engage in knowledge sharing and weighing of tradeoffs based on balanced briefing materials laying out policy options and their tradeoffs. Following this hands on deliberative experience,  the workshop will open up the  discussion to strategies, obstacles, and paths for how deliberative democracy can be effectively used within multistakeholder governance in general and on the topic of governing digital encryption in particular. Participants in this workshop will depart with a deliberation toolkit which participants can use to implement in their own communities.

Tentative Agenda:

2:00-2:30 Introductions and Overview - Please arrive at 2p!

2:30-4:00 Part 1: Moderated small group discussion, Large group Q&A and feedback

4:00-5:00 Part 2: Reflection and Next steps on Multistakeholder Governance and Democracy - Open Discussion