Shaping the Future of Internet Governance

09 December 2016 - A Main Session on Guadalajara,Mexico


This main session is designed to provoke a conversation between different generations about the state of art of the Internet Ecosystem, proposing a future agenda for this environment. Newcomers and younger generations will be in contact with historical Internet actors debating Internet Governance challenges and nurturing an exchange of experiences and different ideas on various issues before the Internet community.

The session proposes to engage the participants in a debate/roundtable dialogue, exploring the different generational perspectives of pioneers and youngsters. One young leader and one pioneer from each continent will join the session.

Such a dialogue will focus on the following issues:

  • Relevant lessons learned by pioneers in their historic involvement with Internet governance at-large;
  • The challenges, obstacles and possibilities from the youth perspective for meaningful engagement, participation and impact in IG events and related initiatives;
  • Modes of documenting the historic record to better inform technical and policy decisions in the future;
  • Desirable modalities of capacity development for the empowerment of future generations to join Internet governance discussions and policy-making processes on an equal footing with senior stakeholders;
  • Possible synergies between different generations in order to enable an inclusive Internet as a means for sustainable growth and development around the world.

Main Session Organizers

  • Flávio R. Wagner, MAG member, technical community
  • Liesyl Franz, MAG member, government
  • Bianca Ho, MAG member, civil society, young leader
  • Ephraim Kenyanito, MAG member, civil society, young leader
  • Thiago Tavares, and Safernet, civil society
  • Nathalia Sautchuk, advisory team, technical community
  • Kimberly Anastácio, Youth Observatory/ISOC, civil society
  • Marcel Leonardi, Google, private sector

List of Speakers and their institutional affiliations

  • Anriette Esterhuysen (APC, ZA)
  • Stefano Trumpy (ISOC Italy, IT)
  • Raúl Echeberría (ISOC, UY)
  • Vint Cerf (Google, US) 
  • Hiroshi Esaki (University of Tokyo, JP)
  • Bianca Ho (DotKids Foundation, HK)
  • Grace Abuhamad (NTIA, US)
  • Kimberly Anastácio (University of Brasília, BR)
  • Ephraim Kenyanito (AccessNow.Org, KE)
  • Florian Daniel (Youth Ambassador, InSafe, AT)