Open Forum: European Commission

07 December 2016 - A Open Forum on Guadalajara,Mexico


Internet policy and governance is attracting increasing interest, but it is an extremely complex area. Thanks to the use of advanced IT technologies, the Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO) provides a practical and automated tool to navigate through the maze of issues and documents related to Internet policy and governance. 
GIPO is a tool to help stakeholders, in particular those with limited resources, to understand and engage in these issues, and is an effective and efficient tool to build capacity and increase inclusiveness in discussions. 
GIPO performs real-time monitoring, analysis and information-sharing functions and represents a useful and practical contribution of the European Commission to capacity building for the global community.

The meeting will predominantly focus on the growth, reach and ownership of the Observatory, initially established as a tool to share information about internet governance topics to a broad base of stakeholders.

Name of Speaker(s)

European Commission's representative