Open Forum - DIPLO

07 December 2016 - A Open Forum on Guadalajara,Mexico


The GIP is an initiative of the Swiss authorities operated by Diplo. It runs GIP Digital Watch, which encompasses briefings, newsletters, and an observatory. As part of the initiative, GIP hubs have started operating worldwide, as platforms to discuss local and global aspects of IG.

The session provides an update on the initiative, as well as showcases the experience of local hubs and how they contribute to creating synergies among different layers of governance and to strengthening collaboration among stakeholders from the developed and developing world.

The initiative of translating the Geneva Digital Watch Newsletter in different languages fosters multilingual and multicultural IG discussions and contributes to the achievement of SDGs.

The session is relevant to the theme of this IGF, as the local hubs strengthen inclusivity and create interplay between digital policy discussions in Geneva and in other places worldwide and contribute to overcome policy silos.

Name of Speaker(s)

Tereza Horejsova, Thomas Schneider, Luca Belli, Shita Laksmi, Hanane Boujemi, Concettina Cassa, Constance Bommelaer