07 December 2016 - A Open Forum on Guadalajara,Mexico


Safe access to the internet is beneficial to childrens development, unfortunately- the internet has its darker sides. Child helplines play a pivotal role in identifying and reporting child (online) sexual exploitation and abuse. The breadth of contacts, of which sexual exploitation can be a part, provide evidence and context. Above all, children and young people can seek the advice, counselling and referral needed in these difficult circumstances

Under the CHI LEAP initiative, CHI committed to identify the capacity building needs of child helplines in 17 target countries selected by UNICEF,  and to determine their needs to strengthen their response to reports of online child sexual abuse and exploitation.

The open forum will show the results so far of this initiave and discuss the role of Child helplines in supporting children in their digital world. 

We will have remote participation from members of Child Helpline International who will share their direct experiences with us.  We'll hear from National Runaway Safeline in Chicago and from Crisis Text Line in New York.

Name of Speaker(s)

Sheila Donovan (Child Helpline International)

John Carr

Clara Sommarin (UNICEF)

Gordon Vance (National Runaway Safeline)

Elana Jacobs (Crisis Text Line)