Open Forum - Fostering the Dialogue between Internet Observatories & Maps

08 December 2016 - A Open Forum on Guadalajara,Mexico


Internet observatories and maps have proliferated in recent years. They range in form and focus. However, they all share a common goal: provide and share timely and accurate information and knowledge for different stakeholders on - a fundamental pillar of “Inclusive and Sustainable Growth”. At the IGF 2015, 15 project leaders started a conversation on challenges and opportunities for cooperation vis-à-vis capacity-building and education as well as policy-making within the IG ecosystem at large. Interoperability and multilingualism were identified as priority goals. The open forum at the IGF 2016 aims at furthering that dialogue with the IGF community, with a focus on the assessment of the “information seeking environment" available today and on how to better serve information seeking needs of different users. Through break-out groups, the session will seek to understand the journey and needs inherent to using and sharing information on Internet Governance from a community perspective.

Name of Speaker(s)

Carolin Weisser (Cybersecurity Capacity Portal), Cristina Monti (GIPO), Tereza Horejsova (DiploFoundation / GIP Digital Watch),Diego R. Canabarro (The Brazilian Internet Observatory), Arne Hintz (Mapping Global Media Policy), Stefaan G. Verhulst (GovLab NYU)