Networks & solutions to achieve SDGs agenda-Internet at play

09 December 2016 - A Workshop on Guadalajara,Mexico


Internet amplifies the capacity to understand, communicate and serve communities getting out of poverty. The session will focus on the Internet Community and organizations actively involved in IG roles to achieve SDGs agenda, and how networks and concrete solutions are key to achieve desired outcomes. 
To make the most of what Internet has to offer, an enabling environment where investment, deployment and services rollout are aligned with technical capacity for maintenance and growth is required. So is effective use relevant to local needs, cultural/language diversity and skills to exploit opportunities. Such environment requires effective cooperation as no stakeholder can deliver alone. The session will use the following framework:

  • Understand: Internet solutions allow to collect, survey, map and analyze data at a scale not seen before. The challenge still remains to deploy computer power and robust networks in developing economies to access data and applications needed for better services in real time.
  • Communicate: Internet solutions changed how communities engage in political processes, journalism and science. Challenges remain to reach productive dialogue, in-depth analysis and meaningful participation linked to outcomes.
  • Serve: Internet based solutions allow service delivery, simplify processes and share responsibilities, by enabling the provision of online services, access to information and education, access to government, jobs, facilitating SMEs to reach global markets, among other benefits. However, many communities are not yet connected, or their connectivity is too expensive, precarious or unreliable, or lack the necessary technical and/or commercial skills are required for opportunities to be capitalised upon.


  • Cadena, Sylvia
  • Cerf, Vint
  • Chung, Jennifer 
  • Elder, Laurent
  • Kovacs, Anja
  • Kurbalija, Jovan