National and Regional IGFs (NRIs)

07 December 2016 - A Main Session on Guadalajara,Mexico


Currently, there are than 79 nationalregional, sub-regional and Youth IGFs (NRIs). They have emerged spontaneously, and are of an organic nature. The NRIs are independent in their work and share the same work principles as the global IGF, by being multistakeholder in their organization, bottom-up, open, inclusive and non-commercial.

This session will aim at making the IGF initiatives more visible and at illustrating the substantive differences that exist across countries and regions about the Internet governance related issues.

Session structure

The session will have two main parts:

The first one will illustrate the different perspectives and approaches on the similar, substantive, Internet governance (IG) broader issues. The topics for discussion are:

  • Access and Enhancing Opportunity for the Un-Connected and Under-Connected
  • Secure, Resilient and Trusted Internet from the NRIs Perspectives

Second segment will discuss the main challenges the NRIs are facing in their work, under the following frameworks:

  • Reliable and sustainable funding sources for the NRIs events
  • Challenges in how to create more awareness about Internet Governance and why  stakeholders  should be actively engaging

The session will allow many opportunities for the audience to engage with the representatives of the NRIs, and will aim to develop a discussion dialogue with everyone present in the room and online.