Let’s break down silos in cyber security and cyber crime!

08 December 2016 - A Workshop on Guadalajara,Mexico


In order for the Internet to contribute to sustainable growth it needs to be safe(r) and reliable. This can only be achieved through cooperation beyond traditional boundaries. Hence one of the most heard mantras in Internet governance: “we” need to break down silos, i.e. find ways in which (different) stakeholders learn to trust each other and open themselves to cooperation through different sectors and across borders to make the Internet safer.

SIDN, the manager of the .nl domain, has been involved in a number of successful cooperative initiatives in the Netherlands. We further noticed that several initiatives around the globe have led to successful cooperation, while others struggle and/or falter. In order to make more initiatives successful, it has decided to spearhead the theme “opening silos” for this year’s IGF and bring together as many known initiatives as possible. In 2016 there are still many barriers to conquer. This includes the political level, but also practical cooperation between organisations.

This workshop brings together (public – private) initiatives from around the globe with the aim to identify the critical factors which have led to a breakthrough and thus to success. 

• This workshop will present best practices for others to learn from.
• The workshop will touch upon initiatives where cooperation is not or insufficiently taking off
• It will discuss the reasons behind non-cooperation in order to advise on potential ways forward.

Speakers provisionally confirmed:

We do not have speakers in the traditional sense. This is an open discussion with all in attendance. There are representatives from INhope, GSMA, SIDN, AbuseHUB, Cyber Green, RIPENCC, Stop!Think!Connect!, US State Department, FIRST, CIRTBR, universities, and many others present to share their views on this topic for others to learn from.