ISOC - Collaborative Leadership Exchange Afternoon Session

05 December 2016 - A Pre-event on Guadalajara,Mexico


The Collaborative Leadership Exchange (CLX) on ‘Enabling Inclusive and Sustainable Growth’ is part of the official IGF schedule, and will be held on Monday, 5 December from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm in Workshop Room 1 at PALCCO.

This one-day session is designed to contribute to building and fostering communities of engagement and action, and create a multiplier effect on the multistakeholder participation theme throughout the IGF week, and beyond. All IGF participants are welcome to attend. The Collaborative Leadership Exchange builds on a successful model first launched at the 2012 Global INET and then replicated at IGF meetings in Bali (2013) , Istanbul (2014), and João Pessoa (2015). The session will take the format of an unconference, with equal parts of peer-to-peer style learning and engagement, networking and relationship building, interactive discussions and promotion of increased collaboration across the Internet ecosystem.