ISOC-APC-FGV - Community Networks: How to Build Connectivity?

05 December 2016 - A Pre-event on Guadalajara,Mexico


General Assembly on Community Connectivity

This session aims at analysing the state of connectivity and move the discussion forward from the traditional Internet access paradigm to the consideration of alternative models to foster connectivity. Particularly, this event will have a threefold structure aimed at collaboratively (i) take stock of the current state of connectivity; (ii) debate the failures of the current model and analysing some alternative solutions; (iii) and crowdsource feedback on the Guadalajara Declaration on Community Connectivity.

First Segment (15:00 – 16:00)

Setting the Scene: the State of Connectivity

Alejandro Pisanty, National University of Mexico
Manu Bardwaj, US State Department
Bob Frankston, IEEE Consumer Electronics Society
Moderated by Luca Belli, Center for Technology & Society at FGV

Second Segment (16:00 – 17:15)

From Broadband to Connectivity

Nathalia Foditsch, American University
Mahabir Pun, Nepal Wireless Networking Project
Mike Jensen, APC
Nicolas Echaniz, Altermundi
Leandro Navarro,
Percival Henriques,
Ritu Srivastava, Digital Empowerment Foundation
Moderated by Jane Coffin, ISOC

Third Segment (17:15-18:00)

A new Connectivity Paradigm: Crowdsourcing the Guadalajara Declaration on Community Connectivity

Unconference format facilitated by Luca Belli, Mike Jensen and Jane Coffin