Internet and ICT for Cuban Medical Cooperation Abroad

08 December 2016 - A Workshop on Guadalajara,Mexico


Today part of a social network has become a necessity, people need to be updated and socially present. The Central Unit of Medical Cooperation (UCCM) was not present in social networks or had a blog or website that would enable direct publication of timely information to meet the information needs of users. Given the objective advantages of social networks, the real needs of finding a direct line of communication with the scattered Cuban collaborators in more than 65 countries, to make known to everyone the fundamental concepts of Cuban medical cooperation, as the main achievements and results of this cooperation assistance. The Ministry of Public Health of Cuba and UCCM have approved the initiative inserted in social networks making appropriate and professional Internet and TIC, through the development of a website and a Facebook profile for UCCM, for the official disclosure of relevant information related to cooperation. This will improve the quality of communication and disclosure of medical services and international cooperation provided by our country under the principles of solidarity and internationalism. With this project we aim to increase levels of visibility in cyberspace professional services practitioners, academics and health services available from the international medical cooperation, Constitute a means for direct exchange and feedback with Cuban partners health and those with relatives, contribute to the socialization of published content, generate user traffic to both platforms and serve as a tool to measure the extent and impact of the disclosure of the results of the Cuban medical cooperation abroad.