IG Academy

05 December 2016 - A Pre-event on Guadalajara,Mexico


The Road to a Local IGF: Strategies to Organize a Local IGF
The fellows of the IGF Academy have been working on a strategy toolkit to help create Internet governance forums and to enhance existing Internet governance structures. The toolkit is an outcome of the first IGF Academy program - IGF Academy Fellows provided country-specific analysis, evaluations and strategies; Internet governance experts reviewed their recommendations and scientific editors cooperated with them to finalise the toolkit. The strategy toolkit consists of four elements: stakeholder mapping; funding strategy; communication strategy and SWOT analysis. It guides human rights activists, journalists, governments and other stakeholders who want to initiate Internet governance forums and processes to start the organizing process in a strategic, structured way. Additionally, the IGF Academy aims to strengthen ties between local and regional Internet governance stakeholders and to provide concrete steps for multistakeholder participation in the global United Nations IGF.
The IGF Academy’s goal is to foster freedom of expression on the Internet and to strengthen inclusive, transparent Internet governance processes. It facilitates the development of national Internet governance processes and supports engagement with corresponding regional and global Internet governance processes.