How to make remote participation sustainable?

06 December 2016 - A Workshop on Guadalajara,Mexico


To ensure a sustainable discussion for Internet Governance, it is important to include remote participants who are unable to attend physically to these discussions. IGF and regional IGFs only happen once a year, so most of the work is actually done remotely. While face to face meetings are best, it often comes with a high price tag of traveling and accommodation costs, which is often unaffordable by participants in developing countries. In particular, we would want to explore how to make it sustainable for youth since they are the new blood and least economically supported. By discussing how to make remote participation a sustainable way to attract new attendees, and how to make it easy for them to voice out, despite language and timezone barriers. This topic is crucial to enable inclusive and sustainable growth. 

To identify the most important problems to address for remote participation, we will start with a survey to be sent out to broader IGF community. After collecting their feedback, organizer will recap the result at the beginning of the session, and conduct a breakout group discussion for solutions that we can adopt in the next IGF. The report will be submitted to the Secretariat for reference.

10 questions survey was created to get to know your remote participation experience on IG discussions
Please feel free to share your thought here:

5 min: Workshop Introduction
5 min: Sharing of survey results on key areas to improve
30 min: Breakout group discussion (According to the guiding questions)
20 min: Wrap up on conclusion, and next steps to bring remote participation viable

The guiding questions for the breakout groups will be determined by the results of the survey, whilst the main topics are listed as below: 
1. How to attract new remote participants? What is the reasons for them to attend remotely?
2. How would remote participants feel more inclusive? 
3. If you couldn't attend IGF next year, how would you have done that? 
4. How can we attract more people to host remote hub? How to provide better mechanisms for workshop organizers to identify the hubs that can join their workshop? 
5. How can we help youth in particular to get started? 
6. How to remove barrier for remote participants to join?

Faciliator of the breakout group discussion:
Bianca HO
David NG
Yannis LI
Renata Aquino Ribeiro
Ginger Paque (Remote)
Hailey Yang (Remote)