How to create relevant Internet Governance Content

09 December 2016 - A Workshop on Guadalajara,Mexico


Internet Governance Content:
How to Make and Keep it Multistakeholder, Diverse, Multilingual and & a Means for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth

The purpose of this workshop is to exchange ideas and debate about the challenges related to the creation of Internet Governance Content, in the context of making it diverse, multilingual and truly multistakeholder.

WSIS+10 Outcome Document recognizes that there is a digital divide among developed and developing countries, and a primary dimension of this divide is content accessibility. It also recognizes that the approach to close the digital divide must be multidimensional and should understand quality of access, language and localized content.The creation of high quality, multilingual Internet Governance content is one way to move beyond “information societies” to “knowledge societies”. Internet Governance content can help developing countries and the Internet community at large to understand the complexity of Internet services, and how to address the challenges of regulations, cybersecurity and other technological developments that directly impact their everyday lives.

The debate will be opened under these general ideas:

How to create high quality Internet Governance content?
In which way can this content be created considering the multilingualism?
How can local content be reflected in the creation of Internet Governance content?
What does it mean for content to be truly multistakeholder? 
Who are the gatekeepers of information? How can we democratize information?
How can we create a globalized resources using a decentralized process?
For members from similarly inclined organizations, how do they democratize/translate/share this information?

These are the distinguished colleagues that will share with us their ideas:

Martinez, Cintya
Aquino Ribeiro, Renata
Solis, Cynthia
Carrera, Sergio
Barrett, Kerry-Anne
Maltseva , Svetlana
Chung, Edmond
Alaraj, Nadira
Lucena, Cláudio
Munyua, Alice
Garcia P. van Hoogstraten, Caterine