How can Privacy help us harness ‘Big Data for Social Good’?

08 December 2016 - A Workshop on Guadalajara,Mexico


Mobile phone data can be used to help solve some of the most pressing public policy needs of our times – from managing traffic in congested and polluted urban environments, to understanding and preventing the spread of diseases. Analysis of mobile data can offer important insights to governments and institutions when making policy decisions, whether it’s about maximising citizen welfare or allocating critical resources in the aftermath of natural disasters. Such insights can not only save people’s lives but also enable inclusive and sustainable growth through the creation of jobs (e.g in data analytics) and lead to economic growth. Public and private organisations, researchers and citizen groups are currently experimenting, innovating and adapting to our increasingly connected world where more and more data are created, faster and more detailed than ever before.

Our proposed ‘Birds of a Feather’ session is aimed at bringing together individuals with a shared interest in the field of Big Data analytics with a view to:
(a) sharing their experiences and real life examples of how aggregated data (including mobile data) are used to benefit citizens and consumers in ‘social good’ contexts (tracking diseases, disaster response, targeting humanitarian aid etc.); 
(b) expressing views on how the various stakeholders in a Big Data value chain can best address privacy challenges where personal data are involved, while maintaining the sustainability of Big Data innovation
This session will be held based on a ‘Birds of a Feather’ format, so, while a few invited speakers will make some remarks we would expect attendees to participate by sharing their thoughts/comments on this topic. Proposed themes/pillars are: Transparency, Algorithms, Anonymity, Impact on Individuals.

Speakers confirmed:

Miguel Calderon Lelo de Larrea (Telefonica)
Reveyrand-de Menthon, Michel (Orange)
Alexandrine de Corbion (Privacy International)
Fernando Sosa (INAI - Mexican Data Protection Authority) 
Romanoff, Mila (UN Global Pulse)
Wojtan, Boris (GSMA)