Harnessing IoT to realize the SDGs: What’s required?

07 December 2016 - A Workshop on Guadalajara,Mexico


The purpose of this workshop is to highlight how the Internet of things (IoT) is playing a key role in supporting local and global initiatives aimed at catalyzing inclusive and sustainable growth and offer a list of policy options on how the global community can harness IoT to realize the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

This workshop will be directly related to the overarching IGF theme Enabling Inclusive and Sustainable Growth as it will evaluate the technical and policy conditions needed to generate innovation and expand access and use of IoT technology for sustainable development. The workshop will answer the question: How can we harness IoT to realize the SDGs?

Through an interactive, multistakeholder dialogue, discussion will be guided by the following questions: 
1.)How is emerging technology such as IoT driving sustainable growth and what impact could this technology have of the UN 2030 development agenda? 
2.) How can we support the back end analytics and systems of IoT including big data and cloud computing and why is this important?
3.) What policy approaches are needed to address the challenges and opportunities IoT will bring to reaching the SDG targets? 

Perspectives from developing countries, governments, technical community, private sector and civil society will be shared and participants will collectively contribute their ideas and present examples from their own stakeholder group/country perspectives. Specific questions which the moderator can pose to speakers will be prepared in advance to aid discussion and debate only if necessary as all participants will be encourage to contribute.

Speakers provisionally confirmed:

Casasbuenas, Julian
Chung, Jennifer 
Francesca De Guzman, Noelle
Pedraza-Barrios , Ricardo
Rowney, Paul 
Ruff, Jackie