Gender and Internet Governance

06 December 2016 - A Dynamic Coalition on Guadalajara,Mexico


What exactly is gender and internet governance all about? Is it about bringing more women's voices and perspectives into internet governance? Yes, of course. (But it's about much more than that). Is it about bringing more women online or bridging the gender gap in access to ICTs? Yes, of course. (But it's about much more than that). Is it about preventing gendered online abuse, harassment and violence? Yes, of course. (But it's about much more than that too). 

At this interactive meeting, the Dynamic Coalition on Gender and Internet Governance (DC-GIG) will present a draft sexual harassment policy for the IGF - as agreed at last year's DC-GIG meeting. We'll present the findings from the latest edition of the Gender Report Cards measuring gender diversity at IGF 2015, AprIGF 2016 (for the first time), and the African IGF (for the first time). How many women participated in these regional IGFs and the global one? How many women moderated or presented at sessions? How much was gender mentioned at sessions? These are some of the things we'll discuss.

And we'll end with a discussion on what participants view as the latest trends in Gender and Internet Governance. What's still missing? What are the key issues?

Background paper

Bishakha Datta, Executive Director, Point of View, India (sexual harassment policy)
Jac SM Kee, APC, Malaysia (new trends in gender & Internet governance)
Smita Vanniyar, Second Lead - Digital Projects, Point of View, India (gender report cards)