Free Expression & Extremism: An Internet Governance Challenge

07 December 2016 - A Workshop on Guadalajara,Mexico


The tension between freedom expression and the need to take action against extremist content is one of the most important internet governance challenges we face today. 

It is a classic example of the offline and online worlds colliding and is tied directly to Sustainable Development Goals 1, 4, 8 and 16.

Since violent and terror-inducing groups have started to use social media and video-sharing services to recruit and expand, a need has arisen to regulate social media content without infringing on the rights of users or violating established user agreements. This need for a delicate balance creates a variety of issues and questions.

• What is the right policy to deal with this serious issue? 
• How much should companies voluntarily cooperate with the government to keep violent propaganda off their platforms and identify suspicious users? 
• What can be done to control and combat propaganda that is spread via social media?
• How do you balance the right to expression with the need to stop extremist content?

After a brief overview from the moderator, the room will divide into 4 breakout groups to address one of the questions above. Each group will have a discussion facilitator to help move the discussions along and we will ensure that each group has proportional representation from across the multistakeholder community.

After discussion and deliberations, findings from the groups will be presented with an eye towards building a document that proposes recommendations going forward on how to address this critical issue.

Speakers provisionally confirmed:

Elrafihi, Mohamed
Miller, Carl
Ramadan, Omar