Empowering and Educating the Next Billions of Internet Users

08 December 2016 - A Workshop on Guadalajara,Mexico


Bringing the next billions online is a goal shared by all. But if this growth is to be inclusive and sustainable, we need to empower new users to protect themselves from the growing problems of malware and cyber fraud. 

For experienced users, familiarity with these problems helps keep them safe. But for those just coming online, dealing with these threats is something that is foreign to them.

Our session aims to allow the audience themselves to be the problem solvers. Instead of listening to someone at the dais spout statistics, participants will help problem solve in the following three areas: 
1. Malware
2. Cyber fraud
3. Enabling trust

After a brief set of opening remarks and explanation of the format, a topic leader for each group will spend no more than 5 minutes framing the specific discussion boundaries and will cite 1-3 specific events or reports on each to initiate the discussion and help focus it. 

The group will reassemble where all participants will engage in discussing brain stormed ideas on what wisdom and approaches can be used to help new internet adopters. The report on the session will catalog the outcomes for the IGF record.

Speakers provisionally confirmed:

Nigam, Hemu
Palumbo, Dan