Dynamic Coalition on Net Neutrality

07 December 2016 - A Dynamic Coalition on Guadalajara,Mexico


The annual session of the Dynamic Coalition on Network Neutrality (DCNN) promotes a debate between the authors of the various Report contributions and the session participants. Panellists will debate the findings of the 2016 Report, which is structured in three sections analysing (i) Zero Rating Policy; (ii) Zero Rating Pros and Cons; (iii) Net Neutrality Exceptions and Violations. 

In 2016, Zero Rating was by large the most debated net neutrality issue, as reflected by the considerable number of contributions focusing on the topic within the DCNN Report. Besides zero rating practices, the Report analyses a selection of very important topics, such as specialised services, ad blocking and reasonable traffic management, providing useful insight on some of the most recent policy evolutions in a variety of countries. 
 The authors of the DCNN Report chapters (or their spokespersons) will present their findings, fostering a dynamic discussion with all participants. The Report is the annual outcome of the DCNN. The Report outline can be accessed here. Free hard copies of the Report will be distributed at the DCNN session (courtesy of Internet Governance @ FGV project). 
Session outline:
  • Keynote by Guy Berger, Director of Freedom of Expression at UNESCO

Speakers include:
  • Luca Belli, Center for Technology and Society at FGV
  • Robert Pepper, Facebook 
  • Tomiwa Ilori, Paradigm Initiative
  • Javier Pallero, Access Now
  • Ornulf Storm, Norwegian Communications Authority
  • Carlos Brito, Red en Defesa de los Derechos Digitales (R3D)
  • Roslyn Layton, Aalborg University