Dynamic Coalition Coordination Session

08 December 2016 - A Dynamic Coalition on Guadalajara,Mexico


DC Coordination Session

Thursday 8 December, 16.30-18.00

Workshop Room 9

Proposed Guiding Questions

I. Organizational Best Practices

1. What works well in your coalition, what doesn't? 

2. How do your meetings take place throughout the year? Virtually, face-to-face, and how often? 

2. How strong is your participation and output?


II. Co-Facilitators and IGF Secretariat Role

1. Are coordination meetings helpful? How could they be done better?

2. Is having a DCs main session and coordinating efforts toward the session valuable to you?

3. Is there an additional role the co-facilitators or Secretariat should play? 

4. The Secretariat maintains/monitors established parameters for forming a DC and for considering it "active": are these adequate and fair? 

III. Coordination Moving Forwar

1. Should DCs' terms for coordination be expanded upon? Is the current ToR satisfactory?

2. The ToR mentions identifying synergies and facilitating collaboration. What opportunities could there be for substantive collaboration? Should DCs take on a joint substantive project? 

3. There was support for the issue surveys from DCs in the recently held webinar. Should DCs repeat the survey exercise next year? If so, what could a potential timeline look like?

3. Outside of planning for a possible main session next year, what expectations do DCs have for coordinated work in 2017?