Working Together: Initiatives to Map and Frame Internet Governance

03 September 2014 - A Workshop on Istanbul,Turkey


IGF 2014 sub theme that this workshop fall under

IGF & The Future of the Internet Ecosystem


To map, frame and make accessible the often-confusing tangle of processes underway across the vast number of Internet governance-related issues, an increasing number of initiatives have emerged or are being proposed, including:

• CSTD WGEC Correspondence Group mapping activity;
• Geneva Internet Platform;
• Internet Policy Observatory; and
• Internet Collaborative Stewardship Framework (ISOC).

With the advent of so many initiatives, some of the possible issues and risks that may emerge include:

• Lack of coordination between initiatives;
• Unnecessary duplication of activities;
• Overlooking good initiatives in “competing” forums; and
• Adding to general IG stakeholder confusion;

This roundtable will bring representatives of initiatives together to explore similarities and synergies and ways to improve communication and coordination, with the ultimate goals of:

• Strengthening support and partnerships between initiatives to avoid a sense of “competition”;
• Enabling initiatives to gain access to stakeholders, information and processes that by themselves, they would not have direct access or knowledge of;
• Sharing best practices between initiatives, such as data conceptualization and visualization;
• Contributing to a more inclusive and collaborative mapping of issues, mechanisms, and gaps in internet governance;
• Encouraging greater IG stakeholder buy-in for all initiatives; and
• Breaking down barriers, generally, between IG stakeholders.

The roundtable will also encourage representatives from regions or stakeholder groups that don’t have such initiatives to join the roundtable, with a view to helping such representatives ascertain whether or not initiatives are needed for their own regions and stakeholder groups.

Name(s) and stakeholder and organizational affiliation(s) of institutional co-organizer(s)

Samantha Dickinson
Technical community
Lingua Synaptica

Lea Kaspar
Civil society
Global Partners Digital

Has the proposer, or any of the co-organizers, organized an IGF workshop before?


Type of session


Duration of proposed session

90 minutes

Subject matter #tags that describe the workshop

#IGmap, #Ecosystem, #EnhancedCoordination, #IGdataAnalysis

Names and affiliations (stakeholder group, organization) of speakers the proposer is planning to invite

Roundtable participants:

Jovan Kurbalija, Geneva Internet Platform (GIP)

Ben Wagner, Internet Policy Observatory

Markus Kummer, Internet Society
Technical community

Joana Varon Ferraz, CTS/FGV
Civil society

Deborah Brown, APC, US
Civil society

Preetam Maloor, ITU
Intergovernmental organisation

Mervi Kultamaa, WSIS Coordinator, Science, Technology and ICTs Branch, Division on Technology and Logistics, UNCTAD

Valentina Pavel & Bogdan Manolea, Association for Technology and Internet - ApTI, Romania
Civil Society

Patrick Ryan, Google
Private Sector

Name of Moderator(s)

Lea Kaspar

Name of Remote Moderator(s)

Deborah Brown

Description of how the proposer plan to facilitate discussion amongst speakers, audience members and remote participants

The moderator will facilitate a dynamic and inclusive exchange of views by encouraging all participants to engage, with particular attention paid to the needs of less experienced IGF participants and participants who don’t speak English as a first language.

To ensure the session is devoted in its entirety to roundtable discussion of coordination and communication mechanisms, there will be not time allotted for static presentation of initiatives. Instead all participants will be expected to have done their homework and read up on each other’s initiatives before the session. Details of where to find overviews of all the initiatives will be provided in the background paper that will be submitted closer to IGF 2014.

The roundtable will be tweeted in realtime (#IGmap) by the rapporteur of the roundtable, enabling remote participants, as well as onsite participants who may have difficulty understanding spoken English, to follow the progress of the discussion more easily.

Description of the proposer's plans for remote participation

Invited roundtable speakers who cannot attend the meeting in person are encouraged to participate remotely.

The roundtable will be tweeted in realtime (#IGmap), enabling remote participants to follow the progress of the discussion. The moderator will aim to follow the remote participation room to ensure remote participants can engage with the realtime flow of onsite discussions, preventing the all-too-common problem in remote participation where, by the time the remote moderator reads out a comment, the conversation in the room has already moved on.

Background paper

No background paper provided