Supporting Innovation on Internet Development in the Global South through Education, Research, Communication and Resource Mobilisation

01 September 2014 - A Pre-event on Istanbul,Turkey



Seed Alliance partners:

FIRE / managed by AFRINIC –

FRIDA / managed by Lacnic –

ISIF Asia / managed by APNIC –

With support from the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

Objective: Meeting for Seed Alliance recipients (FIRE, FRIDA and ISIF Asia). Coordination of evaluation, research communications and resource mobilization activities.


The Seed Alliance is a collaboration established by AFRINIC, APNIC and Lacnic to support their regional grants and awards programs, FIRE, ISIF Asia and FRIDA, covering Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean, respectively. The regional programs select award winners every year through a competitive process. The award package consists of a cash prize plus travel grants to IGF events (regional and/or global).

During the IGF in Nairobi, back in 2011, the ISIF Asia awards ceremony was included as part of the IGF agenda. The Seed Alliance regional partners joint efforts and conducted their awards ceremony together at the IGF in Baku as well as last year in Bali. The Awards ceremony has also being planned for 2014, details to be confirmed.

Seed Alliance Award Winners will be at the IGF for the awards ceremony and to participate at the IGF sessions. The program partners want to make the most out of this rare opportunity for a private meeting to be held on the afternoon of Day 0, to strength their capacities on:

  1. How to identify and foster innovation in their organization. How to keep innovating.
  2. Improve their understanding of evaluation and the benefits an evaluation approach can bring to a project/organization.
  3. Get the latest updates on how to communicate the findings of their research, how to share project updates, project outcomes and impact assessments.
  4. Improve their understanding of different mechanisms available for resource mobilization to secure funding needed to conduct new research and/or scale-up successful projects, according to their needs.
  5. Tips to be able to expand their network of contacts at the IGF to make the most out of the networking opportunity.

The session will be structured as a facilitated workshop, were participants will receive keynote presentations on the different topics and will have the opportunity to work through questions, exercises and group discussions.


 * This event is a private meeting for Seed Alliance Award winners and grant recipients.