Protecting Human Rights Online

03 September 2014 - A Open Forum on Istanbul,Turkey


  • Organization
    The Freedom Online Coalition
  • Open Forum Title
    Protecting Human Rights Online: the Freedom Online Coalition
  • Description
    The Freedom Online Coalition is a group of 23 countries, from all regions of the world, committed to coordinating efforts with each other and with other stakeholders to advance Internet freedom. At this IGF Open Forum, Coalition members will give updates on the work of the coalition since IGF Bali, including the adoption of the 2014 Tallinn Agenda and the activities of the three working groups on key issues of concern to Internet freedom.

    The first working group is chaired by the Netherlands and addresses a rights-based and multistakeholder approach to cybersecurity. The second working group is chaired by Sweden and will explore development aspects and best practices for ensuring and leveraging an open Internet. The third working group is chaired by the U.K. and focuses on the relationship between companies and governments including around privacy and transparency.

    We invite the IGF community to engage in a discussion of implementing the Tallinn Agenda and in three working groups.