New Economics for the Networked World

05 September 2014 - A Workshop on Istanbul,Turkey


IGF 2014 sub theme that this workshop fall under

Internet as an Engine for Growth & Development


When making decisions, policy makers, business leaders, and others often depend heavily upon economic assessments and models. But traditional economics is often unable to reflect the dynamic innovation enabled by the Internet. For example, old economic models assume that individuals and companies are motivated primarily by profit and can’t adequately explain innovation by collaborative, non-profit efforts such as open source software communities or the volunteer effort that created and maintains Wikipedia. The "sharing economy" and other, new economic paradigms are emerging fast and economists need new techniques and better data in order to track and understand them. New innovations such as the iPhone, which was launched in 2007, has enabled benefits that no economic model could have predicted. While new Internet and smartphone apps can be adopted by tens of millions of users in a few months, it often takes governments many years to adapt economic models and policies to new realities. New paradigms for economics and governance that can collect and analyze data in real time are called for. How can economists help develop new governance mechanisms that leverage Big Data and analytics? Policy makers and others who participate in this panel will learn more about leading-edge economic research that could help them better understand the impact and evolution of technology. Economists who attend will learn more about how policy makers are grappling with challenges related to Internet governance, Internet policy, and the evolution of the Internet and how they could benefit from better economic analysis.

Name(s) and stakeholder and organizational affiliation(s) of institutional co-organizer(s)

Elliot Maxwell
Civil Society
e-Maxwell & Associates

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Type of session


Duration of proposed session

90 minutes

Subject matter #tags that describe the workshop

#internet #growth #policy #economics #governance

Names and affiliations (stakeholder group, organization) of speakers the proposer is planning to invite

1. Michael R. Nelson, Business & Academic, Microsoft, Confirmed.
2. Helani Galpaya, Civil Society, LIRNEasia, Confirmed
3. Rudolf van der Berg, Intergovernmental Organization, OECD, Confirmed
4. Svetlana Maltseva, National Research University Higher School of Economics Faculty of Business Informatics IT Business and Innovation department
5. Mikhail Komarov, National Research University Higher School of Economics Faculty of Business Informatics IT Business and Innovation department

Bios are available in the attached document.

Name of Moderator(s)

David Nordfors

Name of Remote Moderator(s)

No information provided

Description of how the proposer plan to facilitate discussion amongst speakers, audience members and remote participants

The panel will be energetic, profound and entertaining.
It will aim at provoking the traditional discourses of economics and the Internet, It will bridge multiple disciplines and stakeholder groups.
It will be inclusive, encouraging audience members to share thoughts.

1. Moderator presentats panel and panelists.
2. *Short* introductory statements by panelists.
3. Moderator weaves together statements in dialogue with panelists.
4. Members of the audience engage in the dialoge
5. Panelists deliver final thoughts *short*

The moderator will see to that the discussion stays inclusive, translating professional jargon to simple language.

Description of the proposer's plans for remote participation

No information provided

Background paper

background paper