ISOC at IGF: Dedicated to an Open, Accessible Internet

02 September 2014 - A Open Forum on Istanbul,Turkey


  • Organization
    Internet Society
  • Open Forum Title
    ISOC@IGF: Dedicated to an open accessible Internet
  • Description
    This Open Forum will introduce the Internet Society (ISOC) and its mission, which is to promote an open, accessible, reliable, and resilient Internet around the world. We will describe how our teams work with partners on issues related to open standards, IXP development, facilitation of enabling environments, and how we address policy and regulatory matters in a variety of fora to promote an open Internet for everyone. We will also use the forum to introduce our teams and what they do, to describe our chapters, and describe work we undertake with partners to develop infrastructure, advocate for an open and sustainable Internet, develop best practices and communities of interest. As the organisational home of the Internet Engineering Task Force, we support innovation and open standards, and we will describe how our technology teams work to support IETF, open standards, key technologies, and best current operational practices.