Enabling Affordable Access: Changing Role of the Regulator

02 September 2014 - A Workshop on Istanbul,Turkey


IGF 2014 sub theme that this workshop fall under

Policies Enabling Access


Explore emerging regulatory strategies, challenges and best practices as developing and developed countries seek to increase and improve affordable Internet access.
Focus will be placed on: identifying mechanisms by which regulatory incentives and interventions can increase Internet accessibility and availability in rural and under-served communities; and the role of regulators in promoting competition, accelerating enabling infrastructure and informing public policy on the deployment of critical Internet facilities, including Internet Exchange Points, the Domain Name System, and mobile broadband.

Name(s) and stakeholder and organizational affiliation(s) of institutional co-organizer(s)

The Caribbean Telecommunications Union (Caribbean)
Pasifika Nexus (Pacific Islands)

Has the proposer, or any of the co-organizers, organized an IGF workshop before?


Type of session


Duration of proposed session

60 minutes

Subject matter #tags that describe the workshop

#Regulation #Access #Infrastructure #Broadband

Names and affiliations (stakeholder group, organization) of speakers the proposer is planning to invite

Rohan Samarajiva, LIRNE, Sri Lanka, from the civil society community (Confirmed)
Bernadette Lewis, CTU, Trinidad, from the intergovernmental organization community (Confirmed)
Andreas Dlamini, MICT, Swaziland, from the governmental community (Confirmed)
Salanieta Tamanikaiwaimaro, Pasifika Nexus, Fiji, from the civil society community (Confirmed)
Emile Milandou, ARPCE, Congo Brazzaville, from the governmental community (Confirmed)

Name of Moderator(s)

Bernadette Lewis

Name of Remote Moderator(s)

Nigel Cassimire

Description of how the proposer plan to facilitate discussion amongst speakers, audience members and remote participants

Panelists' contributions will be used to solicit contributions and questions from the audience and remote participants. Invited panelists will be encouraged to speak extemporaneously and will be asked to focus on the session's theme. The moderator will be responsible for maintaining a highly interactive session and the widest possible views on the subject from the audience.

Description of the proposer's plans for remote participation

Remote participation will be encouraged via a Remote Moderator as a Discussant. There will also be the option to submit questions prior to the event through Social Media and related channels. This will allow the IGF panel content to be shared in real time around the world to all those who wish to participate. Special remote hubs are bing planned for the Caribbean and Pacific territories.

During the Q&A periods of the workshop, remote attendees will be given an equal opportunity to directly engage with in-room workshop participants.

If bandwidth conditions allow, the workshop panel will be streamed via the Internet using both audio and video. In the event that bandwidth is problematic, a low bit-rate audio-only stream will be used.

Background paper

No background paper provided