Dynamic Coalition on the Internet and Climate Change

04 September 2014 - A Dynamic Coalition on Istanbul,Turkey


7th Meeting of the
Dynamic Coalition on Internet and Climate Change (DCICC)

9th IGF Forum

Istanbul, Turkey

4 September 2014, from 9:00 to 10:30 (Room 6)

The Dynamic Coalition on Internet and Climate Change (DCICC) will gather key players from the Internet community and the ICT sector, such as governments, citizens, NGOs, business and academia, at its seventh physical meeting in Istanbul (Turkey) during the ninth IFG Forum.

Most of the economic value created by the Internet falls outside of the technology sector, with 75 percent of the benefits captured by companies in more traditional industries according to McKinsey.

Participants will present successful experiences and best practices from different regions of how providing access to the Internet, as well as harnessing ICT infrastructure and services, can spur economic growth and enable a sustainable use of natural resources.

Participants will also set out new priorities and actions to further advance the work of the DCICC in establishing collaborative multi-stakeholder partnerships to build a green economy, halt climate change and ensure a sustainable future using ICTs and the Internet.

Convener: Nevine Tewfik, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Egypt


1.    Opening remarks:

§  H.E. Hasanul Haq Inu, Minister of Information, Bangladesh

§  Tomas Lamanauskas, ITU

2.    Tour de Table

3.    Welcoming of new members

4.    Presentation of key activities by participants of the DCICC, including brief oral presentations

5.    Next steps and future activities of the DCICC

6.    AOB

                   7.    Conclusion