Dynamic Coalition on Gender and Internet Governance

02 September 2014 - A Dynamic Coalition on Istanbul,Turkey



The Gender Dynamic Coalition meeting will discuss outcomes from key processes and discussions on internet governance leading up to IGF 2014 – including 2013 IGF Gender Report Card findings, WSIS+10 results, and NetMundial to assess integration of gender issues and concerns. The meeting also launches the new “Feminist Principles of the Internet,” which is a working document produced from a meeting of over 50 women’s and internet rights activists in April 2014. Panelists and attendees will together develop thinking and analysis around the contentious issues of gender, sexuality, and the internet, including online violence against women, ‘harmful’ content, ‘hate speech’, and sexual expression.

It will also plan for integration of internet governance issues at the post-2015 development agenda and Beijing +20 discussions led by UN Women for the 2015 Commission on the Status of Women. This will produce a set of recommendations for follow-up activities and future contributions to Internet Governance issues.