Developing Meaningful Multistakeholder Participation Mechanisms

03 September 2014 - A Best Practice Forum on Istanbul,Turkey


This session is the culmination of intersessional discussions about best practices relating to developing meaningful multistakeholder participation mechanisms which began after the IGF 2013 meeting. Participants should be prepared to share their experiences and knowledge of both successes and failures relating to developing meaningful multistakeholder participation mechanisms. Participant contributions will be compiled with the findings of the intersessional discussions and reported during a best practices wrap-up session at IGF 2014 and published in a report subsequent to the IGF 2014 meeting.


Avri Doria, Technicalities, dotgay LLC, APC


Guilherme Almeida, Specialist in Public Policies and Government Management at Brazilian Federal Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management

Sebastien Bellagamba, Regional Bureau Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Internet Society

Guy Berger, UNESCO, Director, Division of Freedom of Expression and Media Development

Norbert Bollow, co-convenor of the Just Net Coalition

Bobby Flaim, Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Government of the United States of America

Grace Githaiga, Associate at Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet)

Susie Hargreaves, CEO, Internet Watch Foundation 

Byron Holland, CEO, Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA)

Izumi Okutani, Policy Liaison at JPNIC

Others TBC