What the New gTLD Program Means for You

23 October 2013 - A Workshop on Bali,Indonesia


The New gTLD Program is a major initiative that reflects the intensive participation of many stakeholders in the policy development and the implementation process. The program offers a range of opportunities for businesses and consumers alike, and increases diversity of scripts in the Domain Name System, as well as community representation in DNS related processes. 

In working out the details of the New gTLD Program, the multistakeholder collaborative process proved to be a rich source of expertise and a reliable methodology for resolution of complex and far-reaching global issues. 

ICANN has built many safeguards into its New gTLD Program to ensure that each applicant is technically and operationally qualified to run a registry. The safeguards are embedded within the evaluation criteria as well as in rights protection mechanisms and protections against potential malicious conduct. The New gTLD Program provides trademark holders with significantly more rights protection mechanisms than those available in existing TLDs such as .COM, .NET and .BIZ. Among them:

  • Trademark Clearinghouse
  • Uniform Rapid Suspension System
  • Trademark Post-delegation Dispute Resolution Procedure
  • Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy
  • Thick Whois
  • Malicious Conduct Mitigation

The workshop will provide a review of the current status of the program, including an update on the evaluation of applications, and related processes of delegation, formal objection and string contention. The workshop will also shed some light on the respective roles of governments, business, technical community and the larger Internet user community throughout the process.

As Internationalized Domain Names applications are prioritized in the evaluation process, the workshop will highlight how the New gTLD Program could contribute effectively to the development of a more inclusive, and multi-lingual Internet, with increased participation and capacity from communities around the world. 


The workshop is targeted toward those with an interest in the evolution of the Internet’s name space and related policy, legal, business and technical aspects. In summary, the workshop will address the following questions / issues:

  • The New gTLD Program: An example of a multistakeholder model at play (overarching issue);
  • Update on the program, and overview of evaluation process;
  • Role of governments in the process; GAC early warning and GAC advice, and how they fit in the process;
  • Mechanisms for string contention resolution and community priority evaluation;
  • Mechanisms for rights protection;
  • IDN applications and IDN variants within the program;
  • Impact of new gTLDs on the DNS sector; and the evolution of the sector in the developing economies.