The 7th meeting of the Dynamic coalition on Child Online Safety

24 October 2013 - A Dynamic Coalition on Bali,Indonesia


The members of the dynamic coalition on Child Online Safety will meet in Bali for the 7th time at the IGF to discuss key issues that relates to child online safety and protection and to advance the work each agency has been engaged in during the last year. Even before the members meet at the IGF, information exchange will take place to select the key topics that will be brought up for deliberation. During the meeting the following is proposed and it is expected that the outcome of the session will allow the members to identify key thematic topics to focus on during the next year. 1) Provide a space for discussion leading up to the meeting – This is a built up to share notes on key issues identified by the agencies ( sharing position papers, articles, journals etc reflecting on each agency’s take on the issues ) 2) At the meeting , we will have in depth discussion on one or two selected issues to help building greater understanding within the membership in general and also provides some directions and affirmations for each agency to focus their efforts and resources on. For example the possible topics for deliberation are: a) Methodologies for working with children on online safety- what are the messaging that we should adopt? b) Empowerment vs protection c) Critical examination of some of the behavioral patterns of children and youth emerging from current crop of ICTs d) How to have better engagement of the IT private sector within the Coalition and engage in partnership projects. E) Highlight one or two projects that were really successful in influencing the stakeholders (we can ask the members to submit some project case studies and we chose one or two to be presented at the session- just the key points why they were successful and the impacts.