Ten years of the WSIS Declaration of Principles

24 October 2013 - A Workshop on Bali,Indonesia


The Workshop aims to discuss the challenges faced since the creation of the WSIS Declaration of Principles to build an Information Society for all and how multistakeholder initiatives are important in this process. The contribution of the WISIS principles to empower developing countries organizations in the process of designing policies and strategies for the universalization of the Internet is significant and, at the same time, the effective enhancement of the WISIS principles in a global level depends on the progress of the Internet in developing countries. It is of utmost importance that developing countries share its experiences on initiatives to create an enabling environment for the development of the Information Society and on the challenges faced along the process to implement such initiatives. (i.e. the implementation of a legal frameworks like the Brazilian Internet Bill of Rights). We expect to discuss how multistakeholder initiatives empower society to face the challenges to consolidate the implementation of WSIS principles in developing countries. The strengthening of international and regional cooperation around the struggle to implement the goals established at the WISIS forums is critical.