Technical standards and metrics for measurable impact of multi-stakeholderism

21 October 2013 - A Pre-event on Bali,Indonesia


The mantra of “multi-stakeholder participation” is often repeated, but is so far little measured. Why is multi-stakeholder participation a better approach to Internet governance – can we measure the effects it has in the standards making process, culminating on the standards used by Internet users?

Measurement of the effect of multi-stakeholder participation will be vital to the future integration of the model into ‘hard’ standard setting and ‘soft’ political governance discussion.

This workshop examines scientific frameworks for measuring that impact, with particular emphasis on standards making bodies:
• ICANN and the management of gTLDs;
• IETF and the creation of privacy-enhancing standards; 
• ITU and the making of standards for cyber security and surveillance.

Internet science provides an interdisciplinary academic approach. Additional speakers from business, government, and civil society will speak at the workshop. The interaction between these organisations and associations such as the W3C will be analysed from different (academic) disciplines.

This workshop is organised by the members of the European Internet Science (EINS) 7th Framework Programme consortium.