Role of Multilateral organization in Cyber Security

24 October 2013 - A Workshop on Bali,Indonesia


With its overall objective of Poverty reduction and Shared prosperity World Bank Group (WBG) is highly dedicated to Building Bridges between Developing and developed worlds, most recently also in the area of Cyber Security. WBG direct investments into ICT projects were over $4 billion during FY03-FY10. Between FY 03-10 over 70% of all investment lending done by the WBG has sector specific ICT component. Dealing with the developing counters on the day-to-day basis WBG is well aware about the importance of ICTs to the economic development and social inclusion, but as well about the risks and threats which come together. It is of the crucial importance therefore to ensure those investments while building opportunities at the same time also address Cyber Security challenges. But what is the role that multilateral organization should perform to encourage and build Cyber Security?

Today there are many multilateral organisations (considering to or) working in the area of Cyber Security. It is obvious therefore that along with growing importance of ICTs the role of those institutions in addressing Cyber Security challenge in developing countries is evolving.

Workshop will address: Evolving role of Multilateral organization; Building Bridges between Developing and developed worlds; WBG initiatives; Dialogue with developing countries; Discussion on potential partnerships with other multilaterals and potential involvement of private sector into those efforts.

It is planned to organize the workshop in the format of two round tables. The first round table will bring together multilaterals and other international organizations to discuss their agendas, priorities and experience. While the second one will be dedicated to present the views of the developing world and will aim to discuss whether it is a positive match between the ‘supply’ and ‘demand’.