Public Policy for Women's Inclusion on the Internet

23 October 2013 - A Workshop on Bali,Indonesia


Despite the need for women’s inclusion in any genuine information society, many governments have yet to implement policies that effectively foster women’s adoption of ICTs. Studies have proven that when women have access to educational resources, their families and communities benefit materially. As more and more information is moving online, it is critical that women and girls have equal, safe, and reliable access to computers and the internet. What policies and practices make this a reality?

This workshop - organized by the Beyond Access coalition - will explore policy interventions from developing countries with a view towards understanding diverse perspectives on what works. Questions to be discussed include:


  • What policies have been successful in getting more women and girls online, and use internet access effectively? What policies have failed, and what can we learn from them?

  • What key questions must governments and NGOs consider when planning initiatives to ensure women and girls’ access to the online world?

  • What are the specific benefits of promoting women and girls access to the internet?

  • What lessons have we learned about the critical components of any policy or program intervention targeted at increasing women and girls’ access?

  • What concrete first steps can governments take to support women and girls getting online?