Privacy: from regional regulations to global connections ?

24 October 2013 - A Workshop on Bali,Indonesia


The Internet dissolves geographical boundaries on a greater scale than any prior invention. It allows data, personal and otherwise, to flow across borders, supporting social and economic interactions. However, there is a complex mix of factors at play: multiple policy objectives that are sometimes in conflict; individuals’ rights; the interests of the communities; “monetization” of personal data for short-term and long-term commercial gain; different historical cultural and regulatory approaches to privacy; etc. 

Across a diverse, global Internet, how can we best deal with the tensions that naturally result from differences in personal privacy expectations, economic aspirations, and regulatory regimes, particularly when it comes to online data protection? 

This workshop will explore what core principles and strategies are needed to achieve a balanced and fair approach to data protection that is effective internationally and regionally. In the process, we will examine the possible paths to a global solution, together with impediments, and explore how successful local and regional approaches could be leveraged at the international level.

We will also strive to articulate lessons learned from recent initiatives such as the modernisation of the Council of Europe Convention 108, the revision of the OECD Privacy Guidelines, the APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules System, and the proposed revisions to the EU data protection framework, etc. in tackling these challenging issues.