Privacy and Innovation

24 October 2013 - A Workshop on Bali,Indonesia


Privacy as Innovation: Rethinking privacy as an area of opportunity  

Privacy is a key emerging issue in Internet Governance processes. Looked upon most often as an area of risk and protection, it is in this workshop viewed as an area of opportunity and innovation. The success of new innovative services and applications with multimedia messages that disappear after receipt and mounting trends in user strategies to navigate safely and anonymously online, all suggest that a paradigm shift is on its way. This shift entails a shift in focus where protection of privacy rather than being described solely as an area of governance, or as an obstacle to innovation and sharing, can be viewed as the foundation for the evolution of digital media business models that more critically understand digital media as an evolving architecture of human social relations, and privacy as a new basic market demand. In this view, the generation that is growing up with the open online networks is key to our understanding of the concept of privacy as it evolves today. The way in which young people approach and navigate their online private and public lives challenge how privacy is currently conceptualized, debated and regulated.