Online anonymity,freedom of expression & internet governance

24 October 2013 - A Workshop on Bali,Indonesia


This workshop will explore online anonymity, its importance to different user groups (in particular young people), the challenges it poses for varied service providers, its relationship with freedom of expression and its impact on internet governance. 

Anonymity is pertinent to discussions on privacy openness security and access. It was an important topic that featured in the 2012 global youth survey, workshop & in the many other discussions that the Youth IGF Project took part in in Baku.   

The topic of anonymity has relevance for considerations of human behaviour, internet governance and online commerce, all of which this youth chaired workshop would consider.

For many, anonymity is crucial to participation & engagement online enabling freedom of expression. It can enable an otherwise unheard voice but can provide a mask & help facilitate negative behaviour.

In addition to the human behaviour challenges online posed by anonymity, anonymity also poses challenges for Internet Governance.  A balance is required between establishing and maintaining both security and privacy.

We will investigate these challenges & benefits & how anonymity is challenged & supported by different concepts of privacy & security.