Norms and Values in Digital Media: Shaping Global Framework

23 October 2013 - A Workshop on Bali,Indonesia


What is the best way to reward creativity? 
How do we balance sharing and ownership of creative works to drive economic and societal value? 
How can different stakeholders work together to build trust and transparency in the digital world? 

Building on a year-long project which explored the interlinkages between freedom of expression, privacy, and intellectual property in the digital world, The World Economic Forum proposed a new framework to inform discussion and policy-making in a context relevant to today's hyperconnected world. The 2012 report can be found at 

This year, the World Economic Forum is working to develop a set of multi-stakeholder principles towards building a thriving creative and information economy in the Digital Age. The objective is to help the major stakeholders in this discussion - governments and policymakers, businesses, and private citizens - better understand the interests of different groups involved, and how they can work together to create economic and social value while developing a vibrant creative community. 

Goals & Objectives


  • Facilitate a dialogue involving key influencers and stakeholders to address some of the opportunities, conflicts and unintended consequences related to digital IP issues
  • Share and refine the World Economic Forum’s work on developing a set of multi-stakeholder principles for the creative and information economy