Multi-stakeholder dialogue: Big Data, social good & privacy

24 October 2013 - A Workshop on Bali,Indonesia


Consumers and citizens are increasingly conducting more of their personal and business lives from mobile internet enabled devices. Personal data about these activities is often shared in real-time between different parties across the globe.

Aggregated, ‘big data’ about these mobile uses offers huge opportunities for solving pressing public policy challenges. Organisations have the potential to use mobile data and technology in innovative ways to provide social good, save lives and drive economic growth. However, countries tend to have different national and local privacy laws, which can lead to legal uncertainties, costs and barriers for both businesses and governments. Some countries may have no laws at all. This can also give rise to consumer concerns about how their data is used and stored. How can industry and policymakers work together to address these challenges to the benefit of citizens and consumers?

Mobile-derived big data can be used to meet public policy objectives, create social good and economic opportunities. Our workshop aims to build on these objectives and related challenges and will address such questions as:

• How can mobile data be used to provide social good while ensuring privacy and safeguarding consumer confidence and trust?

• What are the key challenges?

• How can we encourage multi-stakeholder cooperation in this space?

• What role do regulatory frameworks play in supporting local economies while helping mobile users understand and control how their personal information is managed?