Internet Fundamentals: how the Internet really works? Technical aspects of how information is shared across the Internet

21 October 2013 - A Pre-event on Bali,Indonesia


• Objective: To provide basic understanding of the Internet's underlying technology that will help IGF participants make informed arguments and actively participate in the discussions about the future of Internet governance during the IGF 2013.

• Description: Short session explaining how the internet works from a technical point of view. The session will introduce the concepts of information packets, routing, addressing, domain names, IP addresses, and basic information on security and privacy. The session has been designed with a general audience in mind, with no technical background required. The session will offer non-technical participants at the IGF the basic knowledge they need to be able to confidently engage in the discussions about Internet governance, clarifying technical concepts that are key for the operation of the Internet. The session will be structured in a 40 minute presentation, followed by a 20 minute questions and answers from the audience.