Internet Exchange Points and the Domestic Internet Economy

23 October 2013 - A Workshop on Bali,Indonesia


This workshop will provide an overview of the role of Internet exchange points, including an explanation of how Internet bandwidth, the capacity to route Internet traffic, is produced within Internet exchange points, an overview of the distribution of Internet exchange points globally and recent developments in their deployment, and discussion of the role of Internet exchange points in making developing regions autonomous from the draining expense of international telecommunications carriage. The creation of an Internet exchange point is the single most economically-empowering decision that the Internet community within any region can make, and the one which will most secure their future as an independent and viable center of local content and online community.


Further, the workshop will provide a timely discussion of new topics in IXP policy and operations, notably the new deployments among the developing countries of the Caribbean; the impact of the Arab Spring on Internet traffic exchange policy; the second generation of efforts to standardize and package the software necessary to operate and instrument exchanges; the state of IPv6 bandwidth production at IXPs; developments in the debate over prescriptive regulation of IXPs and carrier interconnection that are playing out in Latin America; and the new effort to globally confederate the preexisting regional IXP operators associations in Latin America, Africa, the Asia-Pacific region, and Europe.