Internet ecosystem evolution

23 October 2013 - A Workshop on Bali,Indonesia


This roundtable would build on two proposed panels: Building and sustaining IXPs (proposal #49 by the Internet Society) and  Promoting locally relevant content (proposal #215 by Walt Disney).  It will add a third perspective relating to the development of the broader Internet ecosystem that builds on the success of an IXP and helps to develop local content and applications.  This roundtable will help to make specific the linkage from each stage of development to the next, highlighting common policy and strategy themes.

IXPs and locally relevant content are closely linked.  Without an IXP, all ISPs access traffic internationally, and there is little incentive to host content locally, which also reduces the incentives to develop local content.  With the IXP, websites or caches can be hosted locally, where they can efficiently get access to end-users through the IXP. 

However, in order to promote the development of local content, alongside locally relevant applications, a broader infrastructure is needed, including adequate technical training, venture capital, and incubators, to facilitate the investments needed for development.  At the same time, on the demand side it is necessary to have Internet access, computer literacy, payment mechanisms, and enterprises and governments as large buyers of web services and applications.

The roundtable will focus on aspects of Internet governance that facilitate the development of an Internet ecosystem.  This can include access development, content regulations, privacy frameworks, and adequate cyber-security implementation.  Broader regulations focus on tax policy to allow affordable devices and equipment, education, and rules that allow for mobile banking and payments.