How can the Internet be an engine for development and growth

23 October 2013 - A Workshop on Bali,Indonesia


The developed countries are very much benefiting from the Internet, making use of the up to date infrastructure with broad band allowing access for each and everyone to abundant and useful content. On the other side, we have developing countries where the literacy is still a big concern, suffering from the lack of appropriate infrastructure.

Despite the opportunity given by the mobile communications for a better access, the basic infrastructure such as power supply and reliable networks remain big issues to overcome.

This workshop is to debate how to make the Internet an engine for development and growth by:

  • promoting the capacity building in all fields and at all levels to make the local technical staff better prepared to provide a reliable power supply and more stable and well maintained networks,  the local community able to make use of the applications made available for them to facilitate their daily life
  • enhancing the production of local content in local language,
  • encouraging the cooperation between all the Internet eco-system actors.