Gender and Internet Governance: Integrating women's rights at the IGF space

25 October 2013 - A Workshop on Bali,Indonesia


The Dynamic Coalition on Gender offers a space for key stakeholders to meet and discuss advancing the gender justice agenda throughout the IGF. This year, we would like to organise a focused strategic coalition workshop session on several emerging issues: a) the proposed resolution on women's human rights and freedom of expression at the Human Rights Council, which includes issues of internet access, policies and human rights; b) the issue of internet service provider accountability on gender-targeted hate speech and abuse online; c) reflections on issues raised from the Gender and Internet Governance Gender Roundtable to bring our work forward as a coalition. The Gender DC will be utilizing the space to develop strategies on assessing and integrating gender at the IGF space through multi-stakeholder discussion, building from inputs from various sessions throughout the IGF.